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dicembre 19, 2017 - Philip Rosenthal

ROSENTHAL - Happy New Year with RORO Collection!

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With this small lucky charm everything goes well in 2018.

RORO Collection/Design: Sebastian Herkner

Fortitude, prosperity and fortune – the pig has always been seen as an ancient and symbolic animal. For the 100th birthday of Philip #Rosenthal (1916–2001), designer Sebastian Herkner has created the minimalist #design pieces RORO, based on the most striking part of a pig – the snout. The inspiration for the pieces was Rosenthal's pet pig RORO, for whom in 1967 Philip #Rosenthal wanted to build a sty in Bauhaus style. The pig sty was designed by none other than architect Walter Gropius after he lost a bet.

Today, Herkner's pieces are a wonderful tribute to the legendary friendship between two great designers. They also represent the exact symbolic attributes associated with the pig. As a symbol of luck, the 9-centimetre-high figure that fits into the palm of your hand is a perfect gift, and the 17-centimetre object represents energy and strength. The figures are available in black, white and rosé.

Rosenthal may have one of the longest traditions of Germany‘s companies, but is also one of the most modern. Just as we did when we were originally founded over 135 years ago, #Rosenthal develops products equally for discerning end customers and for exacting professional clients from the restaurant and hotel trade. Our products stand out with exceptional form, function, quality and craftsmanship and represent a cultural asset “made in Germany”, never ceasing to combine innovation and creativity. With its award-winning porcelain #design, trendy lifestyle collections and modern, elegant classics, the #Rosenthal brand raises the bar time and again for aesthetics and individuality.

Established figures from the worlds of architecture, #design and art, but also the hottest newcomers and talents #design avant-garde dinner table collections, foster a joy of giving and create sophisticated furnishings. The collections are manufactured in the #Rosenthal porcelain factory in Selb and the “Thomas am Kulm” porcelain factory in Speichersdorf, which offer some of the porcelain industry‘s most advanced production facilities anywhere in the world and deliver sustainable manufacturing with careful use of resources thanks to the forward- looking investments that have been made. New interior collections and accessories enrich the #Rosenthal world by adding designer objects that go far beyond the limits of a conventional table setting and round off the huge product variety.

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